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Camgian Partners with Taylor Machine Works to Deploy AI-Enabled Maintenance Optimization Platform

STARKVILLE, MS – NOVEMBER 14, 2022 – Camgian Corporation announces today the successful delivery and deployment of Taylor360, an artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled maintenance optimization platform, for Taylor Machine Works. Taylor360 leverages Camgian’s Cognitive Computing Services to efficiently deliver production-ready digital capabilities that drive automation, productivity, and scale. Camgian’s proprietary platform technology is built on an integrated time-series database and model-driven architecture that allows for the efficient implementation and adoption of AI and machine learning algorithms throughout an enterprise. For Taylor360, this included the use of AI algorithms for making faster, higher-quality decisions from disparate enterprise data resources.

“Taylor believes our association with Camgian has changed the way we take care of our customers and ensures Taylor is providing the most intelligent predictive maintenance for our machines and customers in the marketplace,” said Robert Taylor, Taylor Machine Works President and COO. “Data analytics is making our technicians more efficient on our service calls and ensuring that we can save our customers money on their maintenance needs for Taylor machines. Camgian is light years ahead in this technology, and we look forward to a great partnership for the future.”

Fusing Taylor Machine Works maintenance and service records, in conjunction with telemetry data provided by Taylor’s IoT partner Parker Hannifin, Camgian designed the Taylor360 platform to include machine learning algorithms for identifying anomalies and predicting failures in over 2,900 of Taylor’s operational industrial lift trucks. The algorithmic framework within Taylor360 processes approximately 13.5 million telemetry records daily and feeds software dashboards and daily e-mail reports that support the identification of high-risk assets; machine diagnostics with data analytics; and prioritization of maintenance actions. These features of Taylor360 provide Taylor service personnel with the ability to anticipate customer maintenance needs and thus reduce asset downtime from unscheduled maintenance.

“Taylor Machine Works continues to push the boundaries of advanced technology adoption in their products and services,” said Gary Butler, Camgian CEO. “Taylor360 and its use of AI technologies for improving customer service represent the type of vision that makes Taylor a world leader in their industry.”

ABOUT CAMGIAN Camgian is an award-winning developer of digital technologies that deliver real-time, actionable intelligence. Through innovations in data science, AI, and software, Camgian technologists are pioneering the next generation of cognitive computing applications that address critical needs in the national security and industrial markets. For more information on Camgian, please visit

ABOUT TAYLOR MACHINE WORKS Taylor Machine Works, Inc. is a third and fourth-generation family-owned company and is celebrating its 95th year in business. Taylor designs, manufactures, and supports heavy lift trucks (forklifts) and other material handling equipment with lifting capacities from 4,000 lbs. to 125,000 lbs. They have over thirty direct full-service facilities and over one hundred dealer locations (along with a strong International presence) that serve multiple industries, including Steel, Wood Products, Ports, Intermodal, Concrete, and Oil & Gas. For more information on Taylor Machine Works please visit

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