At Camgian we build award winning sensing and analytical processing platforms that augment human performance and drive improvements in operational efficiency, reliability and security.


“Camgian’s mantra is DO SOMETHING GREAT, a simple message which embodies our culture of engineering excellence, groundbreaking innovation and social responsibility.”

Gary Butler
Founder and CEO


Our technologies receive recognition globally for their innovation and performance.

I was blown away by the rollout of Egburt by Camgian… IMHO, for the IoT to be widely deployed devices such as Egburt that reduce the cost of collecting and processing data are a critical component.
David Stephenson, Digitalist Magazine by SAP
The combination of cloud and edge computing will enable more flexible and robust architectures. Egburt is a prime example of how this evolution is happening in practice.
Hot Tech Innovators, ABI Research
Mississippi has a profound stake in the future of connectivity and the Internet of Things. One Mississippi company on the forefront of much of this technology is Camgian Microsystems in Starkville.
Tony Jeff, Innovate MS
There will be a new class of devices designed to accomplish four tasks suited to the IoT: flexible sensing (where there may be thousands of different sensors); real-time signal processing and analytics, which need to happen at the edge; ultra-low power to connect the physical with the digital world without consistent connection to AC power; and the ability to be managed via the cloud…One of the most interesting entrants in the market comes from Camgian Microsystems, which is developing a purpose-built IoT edge device based on the proposition that existing IT products are not built for the IoT.
Ed Maguire, CLSA Americas