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AI-Enabled Kill Chain Automation Platform

Advanced Decision Automation

REACTOR is an easily configurable kill chain automation platform designed to detect and defeat coordinated UAS and aerial attacks.


Key Features

  • Shortening the Kill-Chain

  • Enhances 3rd party C-UAS capabilities

  • Enhanced Course of Action Recommendation

  • Threat Determination

  • Forward Area Air Defense Command and Control (FAADC2)*, Android Tactical Awareness Kit (ATAK) User Interface

*Integration may be required

The Value

Reactor uses AI/ML to shorten the Kill-Chain. The system uses AI algorithms, trained through reinforcement learning, to automatically provide the best solution to defeat aerial threats. 

The platform can also be integrated into a common operating picture, which allows users to autonomously compile and share critical insights to the user. This reduces cognitive overload, by automatically providing course of action recommendations tailored to the situation/threat. 

It is compatible with multi-modal sensors (Passive RF, acoustic, radar, EO/IR, laser range finder); and effectors (jamming, kinetic, non-kinetic).

See Reactor in Action

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