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96 Days and Counting Until Egburt Launch

Over the next 3 months, it is my aim to provide insights into the final phases of our Egburt product development and launch, which will occur at the 2nd Annual Global IoT Summit in Washington DC in October. Since early 2013, we have been developing a new type of IoT solutions architecture that extends from the sensors at the edge of the network through to the user interface software operating in the cloud. We like to describe our approach to IoT as an “edge computing architecture” where we have implemented advanced signal processing and analytics at the device level, which improves network performance and reliability.

Currently, we are busy implementing a multi-store pilot in the retail sector where Egburt devices will be performing a variety of sensing and business intelligence applications within each store. These include monitoring and analyzing data related to in-store foot-traffic, power consumption, environmental conditions, lighting and refrigerated equipment. Information processed from the Egburt devices will be transmitted through a 3G cellular communications link to our analytics and visualization web server, which will be accessible by operations and management personnel. Final laboratory testing and evaluation of the solution at Camgian HQs is underway with in-store installation beginning the last week of July. We anticipate showcasing the pilot results at our October product launch.

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