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Camgian leverages the power of AI and machine learning to deliver groundbreaking software applications.

Create the Future

We Create Efficiency

Camgian’s Cognition™  leverages enterprise data to automate inefficient decision workflows and drive new levels of operational speed and productivity for heavy machinery, fleet, and industrial manufacturing industries.

Maintenance Optimization

We Create Safer Skies

Camgian’s Reactor® is a flexible, multi-sensor fusion platform that supports automated weapon-to-target assignments for defeating complex air defense threats.

Create With Us

At Camgian, we leverage the power of AI to push the frontiers of technology and tackle some of the world's most challenging problems. Join our award-winning team in our mission to create a better future.


Our Partners

Camgian works with some of the world’s leading government and industrial organizations on today’s most critical problems.

Camgian Partners
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