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Camgian is hiring a senior data engineer to help build and maintain highly optimized and available data pipelines that facilitate its data science and AI/ML developments. Strategically, the candidate will work towards an overall data framework that handles the company's growing data needs. In keeping with this overarching aim, the senior data engineer will understand client needs and use this understanding to gather data from available sources, define data collection needs, integrate, and clean data into desired formats, and outline methods to sustain the data. This information is organized into project requirements and strategy, breaks down work, assigns tasks to junior staff, and monitors’ progress.

A successful candidate will serve many roles, including data architect, designer, and problem solver who enjoys developing methods to capture/collect data, streamlining data into AI/ML development activities, supporting reporting/scientific tools, multi-tasking, and credibly interfacing between technical teams and business stakeholders. Your experience, combined with problem-solving abilities, business understanding, and technical savvy, will be used to identify opportunities to solve existing business problems and look around corners for future opportunities.




  • Provide senior-level contribution to a team responsible for the architecture, design, deployment, and maintenance of the company's business data platforms

  • Implement strategies directed at acquiring data and promoting the development of new insights across the business

  • Own and extend the business's data pipeline by collecting, storing, processing, and sustaining large data sets

  • Monitor the existing metrics, analyze data, and lead partnerships with other teams to identify and implement data management process improvements

  • Builds a metadata system where all available data is maintained and cataloged

  • Design, architect, implement and support critical datasets that avail structured and timely access to actionable business insights

  • Oversee activities of junior data engineers, ensuring proper execution of their duties and alignment with business vision and objectives

  • Collaborate with other teams, gathering technical requirements for exceptional data management across the various business lines and the business at large

  • Develop and manage scalable data processing platforms that support exploratory data analysis and real-time analytics

  • Oversee, design, and develop algorithms for real-time data processing within the business and create frameworks that enable quick and efficient data acquisition

  • Contribute to the continual improvement of the business's data platforms through observations and well-researched knowledge

  • Keep track of industry best practices and trends and take advantage of process and system improvement opportunities through acquired knowledge

  • Draft reports and prepare presentations for senior data science and AI/ML leadership. These reports and presentations must be clear, concise, unambiguous, engaging, and convincing, which will demand exceptional communication skills


  • Hold a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, Engineering, or technology-related field

  • Possess five (5) years of working experience in the data engineering field, preferably as a Data Engineer in a fast-paced environment and complex business setting

  • Deep passion for data and how it can be used to drive new insights. Must possess an ability to design and operationalize high-performance data pipelines that conduct complex data wrangling of large data volumes

  • Must be an expert in SQL, NoSQL, Python, R and have a keen understanding of data modeling, data mining, and data warehousing concepts

  • United States Citizenship


  • Master's degree or Ph.D. in Computer Science, Statistics, Mathematics, or Information Systems

  • Demonstrated experience in building and maintaining reliable and scalable data platforms as well as working knowledge of varied forms of data infrastructure inclusive of relational databases such as Postgres, non-relational databases such as MongoDB, and time-series databases such as InfluxDB

  • Experience with machine learning, data warehousing, data lakes, and big data infrastructure inclusive of Hadoop, AWS, and container technology such as Docker

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills with the ability to effectively advocate technical solutions to engineering teams and business audiences

  • Proven ability to convey rigorous technical concepts and considerations to non-experts

  • Demonstrable track record of dealing well with ambiguity, prioritizing needs, and delivering results in a dynamic environment


Exceptional work ethic, willingness to learn, tenacity not to quit, aptitude to surpass, and strong desire to work in a fast-paced environment with existing and new product lines are necessary for success. Collaboration and cross-pollination with other teams will be frequent; thus, communication, openness, and willingness to share both success and failure are necessary. We are a team-centric organization; there are no individuals. We win and lose together.


Camgian offers a competitive salary, fun work environment, excellent benefits, and an equity opportunity.




  • Ability to work as part of a team while maintaining independent thinking

  • Self-driven and self-starter, in addition to excellent communication skills

  • Great at thinking outside the box and have an aptitude for innovation and problem solving


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