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Prowl is a low-power, compact radar system that provides long-endurance, persistent target detection and tracking in harsh operational environments.  Designed for special operations, Prowl supports rapid deployment in any configuration.  The high update rate and high probability of detection combined with its low Size, Weight, and Power (SWAP) make it the perfect “bolt-on” solution to fill existing capability gaps in currently deployed stand-alone or networked end-to-end systems.  Prowl also operates as a stand-alone solution, as an Unattended Ground Sensor (UGS) trigger, and can be integrated into existing UGS systems to cue still and/or video camera systems.  Prowl’s small, lightweight man-packable form factor and easy set-up enables transportation and deployment in austere locations.  Prowl’s low-power consumption enables unattended, long battery life operations of several months.  Command and Control (C2) is provided through RaptorX or ATAK user interfaces that support deployment on both laptop and hand-held devices wirelessly connected to the Prowl radar unit.




ProwlCAM is a low-power, smart imaging capability for the Prowl Unattended Ground Sensor (UGS) system.  ProwlCAM addresses a critical need for augmenting Prowl radar tracks with visual target confirmation.  Designed as a “bolt-on” capability to the Prowl radar, ProwlCAM includes computer vision algorithms that deliver robust, high-resolution target imagery to the end-user C2 device.  ProwlCAM co-mounts to the Prowl radar, connecting with just one cable, which simplifies set-up and provides increased geo-registration accuracy as compared to traditional UGS/camera configurations set-up.  ProwlCAM supports both day and night operations through its combination of high megapixel visible spectrum (EO) and long-wave infrared (LWIR) cameras that capture images of Prowl radar targets within the camera’s field of view and displays them to the warfighter to enable more informed decisions regarding potential threats and their activities.  ProwlCAM supports long field life by operating at very low power- only “waking up” when triggered by the Prowl radar.  ProwlCAM integrates advanced object detection algorithms to automatically detect targets within the camera’s fixed field of view, digitally crop the image to the target, and send the image to the C2 device.  Future releases will support additional object classification through a new deep learning platform to aid in the recognition of high-value targets, potential threats, and other objects and events of interest.

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