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Mississippi Business Journal Talks with Camgian CMO Ravi Raju

The Mississippi Business Journal’s Alan Turner interviewed Camgian CMO and GM of Commercial Programs, Ravi Raju, on the Internet of Things, Egburt, and the future of Camgian. This article and corresponding video highlighted where Camgian sees Egburt fitting into IoT in the coming years as well as Camgian’s vision for growing and expanding within the state of Mississippi.

As Ravi states in the interview, we see the Internet of Things as the next generation of the Internet. We are seeing the proliferation of the Internet going beyond just connecting people through desktop computers and iPads to the connection of virtually anything such as physical assets. This is where Egburt comes into play. Egburt provides a novel way to capture the data around us to deliver new insights into our world that improve our lives and enhance our businesses. “Egburt is a new platform that Camgian has released, which will allow any business to monitor virtually any aspect of their operations,” Ravi explains.

Ravi goes onto to discuss uses of Egburt and goals for Camgian as a Mississippi based company. “We want to be not only a great company, but a great Mississippi company,” said Raju.

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