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Meet Camgian: Paul - Senior Software Engineer

What's Your Role? I’m a Senior Software Engineer at Camgian. I’m currently working as the lead software developer on Camgian’s new ALGO tool for displaying data analysis and trends for Camgian’s Cognitive Computing efforts.

What's Your Proudest Moment at Camgian? Last fall, I worked directly with CEO Gary Butler to develop a prototype mock-up for ALGO which was presented to the board of directors, the entire company at Town Hall, and displayed on the Camgian website.

What's Your Favorite Thing About Working at Camgian? The fact that during the spring, I can literally walk over to a baseball game at Dudy Noble Field after work. I also love the flexibility that Camgian provides and the people that I work with.

Why Should Someone Work at Camgian? At Camgian, you can work on a wide variety of projects in a wide variety of fields and have an immediate and significant impact!

What Do You Do for Fun? I’m a huge Mississippi State fan and spend a lot of free time watching and attending football, basketball, and baseball games. I also listen to a lot of music both while developing and during my free time! My Spotify stats are always off the charts.

What's An Interesting Fact About You? I run a popular Twitter account @hailstateunis where I create graphics that document the history and news surrounding Mississippi State’s uniforms in various sports.

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