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Meet Camgian: Bo - IT Support Specialist

What's Your Role?

I’m IT support so basically, everyone comes to me whenever anything is not working.

What's Your Proudest Moment at Camgian?

My proudest moment was when a system monitoring script I wrote was able to put in tickets and alert me to a problem before it affects other people being able to work.

What's Your Favorite Thing About Working at Camgian?

A lot of what I work on here hasn’t been done before so there’s not a lot or any “How to” out there. So sitting there and figuring it out through trial and error is something I really enjoy.

Why Should Someone Work at Camgian?

Besides the free coffee bar, I think someone should work here because Camgian is constantly growing and constantly doing new things.

What Do You Do for Fun?

For fun, I catch up on a lot of movies, really excited about the new season of the Mandalorian.

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