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Camgian Microsystems Releases M2M Sensor Fusion Engine

Camgian Microsystems Corporation announced today the release of its latest version of Quantus, a cloud-based sensor fusion engine that provides the ability to consolidate large volumes of data from multiple sensor sources. Through efficient integration and processing of disparate sensor data in real-time, Quantus enables the development of smart machine-to-machine (M2M) applications that drive new levels of operational efficiency and profitability for the connected enterprise.

This next generation cloud software technology utilizes an integrated architecture designed specifically around the manipulation and visualization of large-scale, multi-sensor data sets. Key features include software interfaces that support the consolidation of multi-source data communicated by sensor devices through cellular networks or standard internet protocols. A near real-time reporting and messaging framework supports user connectivity through desktop and mobile devices, which enables distributed, cooperative decision-making. The analytical and data visualization tools of Quantus enable the configuration of real-time event-detection, monitoring and predictive applications whose output is represented through layered graphical views such as dashboards and geographical display of asset locations.


“We are seeing a major shift in the marketplace by companies and organizations who adopt M2M technology. Significant gains in operational efficiency can be achieved through implementation of sensor driven analytics, visualization and real-time reporting tools,” says Dr. Gary Butler, chairman and CEO of Camgian Microsystems. “By applying such tools to large multi-sensor data sets from the cloud, we can provide our clients the ability to realize the benefits of advanced M2M technologies in a cost-effective and manageable way.”

Designed with maximum flexibility, Quantus can support M2M solutions across a broad range of industries and markets. Quantus-based solutions are deployed through Camgian’s M2M practice, which supports a turnkey client engagement process of requirements definition, system configuration, deployment and cloud management services. To learn more visit, email, or view our short video below.

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