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Camgian Microsystems Issued Patent for Internet of Things Invention

STARKVILLE, MS – 21 March 2017 – Camgian announced today the issuance of a patent by the US Patent and Trademark Office for a novel sensor networking and processing architecture for Internet of Things (IoT) applications. The invention number 9,596,091 titled “Multiple Sensor Data Processor Interface and Relay” relates generally to a system and method of networking and interconnecting a large number of diverse sensors to a remote location in an efficient manner. Specifically, the invention utilizes a flexible, configurable, scalable and power-efficient sensor interface relay architecture to gather, process and analyze sensor data in the field and relay insights to a remote location via the Internet.

“The evolution to smarter physical systems will result in the proliferation of heterogeneous sensors at large scale”, said Dr. Gary D. Butler, CEO of Camgian. “Efficiently connecting sensor devices to the Internet and managing their large volumes of complex, in-situ data require new approaches to IoT system architectures.”

The patent supports Camgian’s technology strategy in the IoT market, which is based on an edge (or distributed) computing model. Its Egburt™ platform includes an embedded server appliance, called an IQ Server™, which performs in-situ functions such as data ingestion, storage and processing of multi-sensor data streams. The IQ Server also provides 4G LTE communications with Egburt’s cloud hosted Insight™ software, which supports data aggregation, analytics and presentation. Currently, Egburt is enabling industrial applications in the condition based monitoring and maintenance market.


Camgian is an award winning developer of advanced sensing and information processing platforms that deliver real-time, actionable intelligence. Leveraging innovations in the areas of multi-sensor signal processing, data analytics and information fusion, Camgian is pioneering a new generation of intelligent decision support products that address key needs in the industrial, defense and national security markets.

Camgian has been named by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest growing private companies in the US, Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the most entrepreneurial companies in America and Compass Intelligence as one of the world’s top companies in IoT innovation and execution. Moreover, ABI Research featured Camgian in their 2015 Hot Tech Innovators report, which identified the company as one of the world’s top tech start-ups for their pioneering work in IoT and edge computing. In their 2016 market report Fog Computing in IoT, Machina Research identified Camgian as one of the innovative IoT startups and notable companies pioneering fog computing.

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