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Camgian and MSU Collaborate to Advance Autonomous Manufacturing

Supported by the National Science Foundation Innovation Engines Program, the public-private partnership with MSU seeks to transform manufacturing with a new generation of digital automation technologies.

Camgian Corporation announced that it will be one of the private partners in the Mississippi State University (MSU)-led Innovation Engines program for the National Science Foundation. The program’s focus will be advancing autonomous manufacturing in the state of Mississippi and the nation.

The project, known as SmartTech Mississippi, will work to advance the manufacturing capabilities of Mississippi and the United States through integrating autonomous technologies. In addition to Camgian, manufacturers including Milwaukee Tool, Steel Dynamics and Taylor Machine Works are participating industry partners.

As industry increasingly embraces automation and smart technologies, the partnership between Camgian and MSU marks a significant milestone in moving Mississippi to the forefront of autonomous manufacturing. By combining Camgian's artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning expertise with MSU's research capabilities and commitment to innovation, the collaboration aims to transform traditional manufacturing processes through intelligent and autonomous systems technologies.

"We are excited to partner with MSU to create a new generation of digital transformation technologies for the manufacturing sector. This partnership will allow us to combine our expertise in AI and machine learning with MSU's outstanding faculty, students, and research capabilities,” said Dr. Gary Butler, Camgian CEO and Founder. “Together, we will develop new AI-enabled predictive and optimization capabilities that will help manufacturers mitigate production constraints and greatly improve their productivity, effectiveness and throughput. Automated AI technologies such as these will be the enabler for repatriation of manufacturing to the US and high-tech job growth in our region."

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