Camgian is hiring a Quality Assurance (QA) Test Engineer to join our team in Starkville, MS.  The QA Engineer will define, implement, and execute manual and automated software and hardware tests across Camgian’s product lines, under the direction of Camgian’s Quality Assurance Director. This position offers the opportunity to work on state-of-the-art products in both office and outdoor environments. Camgian is pioneering leading-edge innovations that are enabling a new generation of high-performance wireless information technologies and products for the defense, security, industrial and commercial markets. Successful contribution to the team will lead to an optimized user experience, error-free software/firmware/hardware operation, and satisfied customers. Customer-focused attention to detail, commitment to schedules, a strong teamwork approach, and the desire to work in a fast-paced environment with existing and new product lines are necessary for success. The successful candidate will be passionate about quality, customer satisfaction, and service to the team.



  1. United States Citizen

  2. Preferred: 4-year BS or BA degree (CS or SE is a plus)

  3. Proficient with MS Office Tools (e.g. Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio).

  4. Capable of learning new software tools

  5. Capable of reading and following software, firmware, and hardware test procedures



  1. Proficient with MS Office Tools (e.g. Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio).

  2. Capable of learning new software tools

  3. Capable of reading and following software, firmware, and hardware test procedures



Executes QA Tests on Software, Firmware, and Hardware

  1. Executes pre-defined tests on new revisions of software and firmware for existing products. Tests include multiple software platforms (Android, Windows) and hardware devices (laptop, handheld, tablet, cloud computing).

  2. Records reproducible test cases for software/firmware bugs identified. Captures debug output and stack traces to assist developers identify and fix root causes for software/firmware bugs.

  3. Validates that software/firmware bugs have been fixed.

  4. Identifies opportunities and tools to automate the test process. Implements test automation where appropriate to improve test efficiency, repeatability, coverage, and accuracy.

  5. Evaluates user interface implementation for ease-of-use and provides feedback to development team to improve the user experience.

  6. Maintains a record of test results for release documentation. Writes test results and release documentation.

  7. Maintains a repository of software and firmware release artifacts.

  8. Performs laboratory and field testing to validate system performance meets requirements.

  9. Assists the QA Manager with maintaining up-to-date test procedure documentation including defining tests for new functionality.

  10. Executes tests to validate performance and functionality of new software and hardware products. Assists the QA Manager with defining tests for new products.

  11. Identifies, recommends, and implements procedures to improve the efficiency of QA test execution.




Executes and Refines the Production Test QA Process

  1. Performs regular QA testing and audits on production products to ensure that quality standards are met for the outgoing product shipments.

  2. Assists the production team with distribution of software and firmware updates to customer-owned devices.

  3. Identifies, recommends, and implements procedures to improve the cycle time, cost, and efficiency of production QA activities.


Exceptional work ethic, willingness to learn, tenacity not to quit, aptitude to surpass, and strong desire to work in a fast-paced environment, with existing and new product lines, are necessary for success.  This position will be under the supervision, mentorship and guidance of the Quality Assurance Director.  Collaboration and cross pollination with other teams will be frequent, thus communication, openness and willingness to share BOTH success and failure is a must.  We are a team-centric organization, there are no individuals, we thrive and dive together.


Camgian offers a competitive salary, fun work environment, fringe benefits, and an equity opportunity.


Ability to work as part of a team while maintaining independent thinking

  1. Self-driven and self-starter in addition to excellent communication skills

  2. Great at thinking outside the box and have an aptitude for innovation and problem solving

  3. Always willing to explore the other side of fear, be challenged and to crave cutting edge technologies


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