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Welcome to the Era of Egburt Enabled Retail

Last week witnessed the accomplishment of a major milestone for Camgian Micro. After almost two years of market analysis and product development, we successfully rolled out our first Egburt pilot installations in the retail sector. Specifically, we have now enabled the first store of a retail chain partner with Egburt, which is driving new analytics regarding in-store foot traffic, environmental conditions, security and equipment health and maintenance. Using the power of Egburt’s flexible platform, new sensing applications were software configured for the pilot using commercially available infrared, temperature, humidity and magnetic sensor transducers.

Data generated by the in-store sensors are processed using real-time analytics executed at the device level, showcasing the power of Egburt’s edge computing architecture. Alerts, status updates and statistical reports are generated by the in-store Egburt devices and sent directly to store managers, regional managers, and corporate headquarters.

Congratulations again to Camgian’s team of marketing, engineering and production personnel on outstanding first step in rolling-out our Egburt product and services.

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