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Senior Analyst Highlights Camgian’s Egburt as Key Innovation for the Internet of Things

Starkville, Miss. – A new report out by CLSA Americas senior analyst and managing director, Ed Maguire, highlights Camgian’s Egburt as one of the promising newer offerings in the burgeoning Internet of Things (IoT) market. Titled “Deep Field: Discovering the Internet of Things”, the 144-page report chronicles IoT’s coming demand inflection point and identifies the leading companies and products that will be major players in the IoT landscape. In addressing the possibilities and unique requirements of IoT applications, Maguire highlights key innovations by companies in the U.S. software sector, which include Camgian’s Egburt IoT platform. Specifically, as it relates to the Egburt solution and its low power edge computing components, the report states:

There will be a new class of devices designed to accomplish four tasks suited to the IoT: flexible sensing (where there may be thousands of different sensors); real-time signal processing and analytics, which need to happen at the edge; ultra-low power to connect the physical with the digital world without consistent connection to AC power; and the ability to be managed via the cloud…One of the most interesting entrants in the market comes from Camgian Microsystems, which is developing a purpose-built IoT edge device based on the proposition that existing IT products are not built for the IoT. 

Maguire goes on to detail how this new class of devices will help address the challenges associated with the rapid proliferation of connected IoT devices which will “cascade across industries and transform numerous aspects of daily life” while eclipsing “prior waves of computing as scope, scale and variety of devices increase by orders of magnitude.”

For access to the full report, you can contact Melissa Sheer at CLSA’s research can be found on CNBC, Bloomberg, FactSet, Thomson Reuters and Capital IQ.

About Camgian Microsystems

Named by Inc. Magazine as one of America’s fastest growing private companies, Camgian Microsystems builds award winning information systems powered from the network’s edge.  Its latest innovation, Egburt, is a complete IoT application service platform comprising hardware, software and communications built on a powerful edge computing architecture.  To learn more about Camgian Microsystems, please visit or follow them on twitter @CamgianMicro.

Camgian Contact:              Camgian Marketing Communications 662.320.1030

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