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New White Paper from ABI Research and Camgian Microsystems Outlines Pending Paradigm Shift in the In

ABI Research and Camgian Microsystems seek to explore the potential for a paradigm shift in the Internet of Things—moving from merely connected to truly intelligent devices—and the benefits it can bring for tomorrow’s connected enterprises through a new white paper.

Starkville, Miss. – Camgian Microsystems, a provider of Internet of Things (IoT) application services powered by edge computing, today announces the release of a white paper by leading market analyst Aapo Markkanen of ABI Research discussing the next technology evolution in IoT and the benefits that it will bring to tomorrow’s connected enterprises.

Titled “Evolution of the Internet of Things From Connected to Intelligent Devices” the white paper describes the growing need for intelligent edge computing architectures in IoT that support local, distributed processing.  In the context of today’s centralized cloud based IoT solutions, enterprises that are running networks comprising hundreds or thousands of connected devices are subject to large bandwidth and storage costs.  By utilizing intelligent edge devices, enterprises can better manage their overall data footprint thus realizing key benefits including lowered cost of ownership, decreased communication and control latency, and increased data security.

The white paper states, “IoT will reshape the cloud as a concept into something more local and decentralized than what we are used to. Instead of relying on few vast and geographically dispersed datacenters, the cloud of the IoT era may well be made of multiple small, internetworked cloud clusters and thin clients. They can be local (city-level) or even hyper-local (neighborhood-level), depending on where and when the data ultimately need to be processed.”

To view the full white paper (free of charge, in PDF format), please visit:

About Camgian Microsystems

Named by Inc. Magazine as one of America’s fastest growing private companies, Camgian Microsystems builds award winning information systems powered from the network’s edge.  Its latest innovation, Egburt, is a complete IoT application service platform comprising hardware, software and communications built on a powerful edge computing architecture.  To learn more about Camgian Microsystems, please visit or follow them on twitter @CamgianMicro.

Camgian Contact: Camgian Marketing Communications 662.320.1000

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