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Meet Camgian: JC Long

To the outside observer engineering and photography could be seen as not having any similarities, but you might need to look at the two through a different lens.  If you ask Senior Signal Processing Engineer JC Long, he can give you a clearer picture of how the two are much more similar than you’d realize.  

 “Engineering and photography are both about bringing clarity to something,” says Long, “When I’m working on an engineering project, I’m trying to find ways to bring light to a solution. The same goes for when I’m using my camera and editing photos, I adjust lighting to capture big moments.”  

 Another important similarity for Long is the communication it takes to make both engineering and photography efforts successful. Without effective communication, neither will bear success.  


“When you’re working to solve an engineering issue, you have to be an effective communicator with your team,” says JC, “I use that same communication method when I’m having photography sessions. The solution is much easier to find when all parties use effective communication.”   

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