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Meet Camgian: Adam - QA Software Engineer

What's Your Role?

My role is Quality Software Engineer. I am responsible primarily for all software-based testing, such as using the Android Espresso library for User Interface testing. I also perform a lot of manual testing.

What’s Been Your Proudest Moment at Camgian?

So far, my proudest moment at Camgian has been my ability to help get our team caught up on our backlog of verification tickets from bugs fixed. I was able to perform around 200 verifications last year and am already close to having us caught up on the rest of the backlog on at least 1 major program.

What’s Your Favorite Thing About Working at Camgian?

My favorite thing about working here is the relaxed, yet professional culture of the company. I have a private office where I can perform my work in my own environment.

Why Should Someone Work at Camgian?

People should work at Camgian because the work is both interesting and challenging, the people are intelligent and friendly, and there’s plenty of room for professional growth.

What Do You Do For Fun?

For fun, I enjoy playing Video Games. When I’m not doing that, I’m usually learning something related to Computer Science or assisting with open-source projects online.

What's an Interesting Fact About You?

An interesting fact about me is that both my brother and myself were born with 11 fingers. And although my brother’s does not appear to be able to be passed on genetically (him having 3 kids with no extra digits), my youngest son was born with the same extra thumb in the same place as mine.

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