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Inspiring: My Camgian Experience

After graduating from Mississippi State University with a degree in Computer Science, I planned to wait tables for a year before heading to graduate school to pursue a Master’s in Public Policy. While I love computer science and enjoy programming, I was also very interested in the wide-reaching repercussions of unbridled technological development, and I sought to wrangle massive tech corporations through effective policy. I never thought I would work as an engineer, much less enjoy it, but then I heard about Camgian.

Through a former professor, I met the Camgian team. They made it clear that they would love to have me on their team and were more than willing to work within my plans for graduate school. After conversations with several members of Camgian’s team, I was hired and placed in the recently formed Cognitive Computing team. In my time there, I’ve had the privilege of doing everything from data science to data engineering to software development.

At Camgian, I get to wear many hats. As a data scientist, I help develop probabilistic, statistical, and machine learning models for everything from the behavior of truck drivers to the likelihood that a part will soon fail. On the backend, I’ve become a much more adept software developer, working with my team to create data import pipelines and design database schemas. I never truly thought programming was my passion. Still, after working at Camgian and being mentored by many incredibly talented and welcoming co-workers, I realize how much I sincerely enjoy it.

One of my favorite things about Camgian is, that even as a short-term employee, I had the chance to make a direct impact. I’m entrusted with client deliverables, treated with deep respect and appreciation by my teammates, and I’ve seen the fruits of my labor while meeting with our clients. From the computer screen to the customer, I firsthand watch our work progress from an idea to an amazing piece of software.

My time at Camgian is now coming to a close, and after plenty of advice from the CEO Gary Butler and other folks here, I will be heading to Duke University to focus on technological policy. However, Camgian has made it clear that I will always have a home, and I look forward to maintaining my relationship with Camgian, wherever I may go.

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