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How We’re Creating a Healthy Workplace

Recently, we began a journey as a company to become a healthier workplace and healthier individuals. Our employees are the core of the company and we want them to feel and be their best. It is not always an easy task, but there is power in numbers and by working towards our goals as a group, we are succeeding. Here are a few ways our employees are working towards maintaining a better lifestyle that you can implement in your own workplace:

1. Manage your stress. We work in a fast-paced industry where deadlines are non-negotiable and de-bugging needed to happen yesterday. This kind of environment can be incredibly stressful for everyone involved and managing stress looks different for everyone. Some of our employees relax by–

  1. Listening to music throughout the day. One of our interns listens to the Pandora station “Classical Music for Studying” as a stress reliever. You could also make a smooth jazz station or a contemporary acoustic station based off of “2cellos” or “The Piano Guys”.

  2. Playing soothing sounds. If lyric-less music is not your cup of tea, try listening to soothing sounds like rain, ocean waves, or the sounds of nature. Apps like “Calm” and “Relax Melodies” are available, as well as websites like “Rain.FM”.

  3. Getting creative. Everyone is creative in some form or fashion, so use your creativity as a way to unwind. Cook something new for dinner, build a project with wood, or dance a little. Allowing yourself to become absorbed in creativity will give you a break from the ins and outs of daily life.

2. Exercise. We don’t need to tell you that exercise is not only great for your health, but it contributes to stress relief and has been shown to lower symptoms of mild depression and anxiety. Our office is a various diverse group of people who all exercise differently. Our CEO, Gary Butler, runs every day at lunch. Two of our senior engineers walk together every day. Some of the women in our office go to bootcamp together, and yet another is in a running club with members of the community. We’re often hindered by a lack of motivation, or because it isn’t fun, but grabbing a co-worker you are more likely to enjoy the process and stay accountable.

3. Drink more water. In an effort to stay hydrated, we recently provided everyone in the office with Camgian green water bottles sporting our logo and core values. They are labeled with ounces and milliliters so employees know exactly how much water they are consuming. If remembering to drink water is difficult, try setting alarms on your calendar at 10am, noon, and 3pm. Every time your timer goes off, finish what is left and refill that bottle!

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