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Exploration Egburt Offers Enterprises the Opportunity to Leverage Internet of Things (IoT) Technolog

Starkville, Miss. – Today, Camgian Microsystems announced the launch of a pilot program enabling enterprises to quickly implement an end-to-end Internet of Things (IoT) sensor solution using Camgian’s latest innovation Egburt. The program, called Exploration Egburt, allows enterprises to explore various ways to use Egburt to enhance their business operations and solve critical business challenges.

Egburt, a new IoT product released October 28th, provides enterprises critical decision-making intelligence, which they can use to enhance their operational efficiency. By allowing enterprises to easily install a multitude of different commercial-off-the-shelf sensors throughout their operations, Egburt is able to generate real-time alerts and provide a real-view of how their assets are operating. While the current focus of Egburt is in smart retail, smart infrastructure and smart cities applications, Exploration Egburt is open to any type of business. Egburt’s flexibility and interoperability enable implementation over a broad range of applications such as smart cities, agriculture, infrastructure, manufacturing, facilities management, and retail.

Applications can be submitted at until December 5, 2014. Selected participants will be announced soon after. To learn more about Egburt’s features and the Exploration Egburt program, visit

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