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Egburt Launch Update

After more than a year of extremely hard work by our engineering and design team, we successfully completed an exciting new product development effort with the official launch of Egburt at the Internet of Things Global Summit, which was held at the National Press Club in Washington DC.  Our announcement included an awesome Egburt video presentation and overview briefing to the conference attendees as part of the panel session Architecting the Internet of Things. The session was moderated by best-selling author Tom Davenport and in addition to myself included representatives from Texas Instruments and IBM.  Following the panel session we conducted a detailed Egburt technical briefing and a live smart retail demonstration at a Camgian sponsored luncheon event.  Overall the launch was a tremendous success for Camgian and Egburt, which can be best summarized in David Stevenson’s blog “Egburt: Key Tool to Make IoT Pay Off Now”, which can be read here.

My favorite tweet from the event:

On the heels of our product launch, I had the honor of participating in Mississippi’s first TEDx event, which was held on Thursday, November 6th at the historic Capri Theater in Jackson.  The title of my talk was “Living Among the Internet of Things”, which discussed the history of the Internet, its growth into the Internet of Things and new technologies in the research pipeline that will fuel its future growth. The talk will be available on YouTube later this month.

To wrap up the week last week, we announced the launch of Exploration Egburt, a new program that will support pilot partnerships with interested partners and customers. This program will allow potential customers to explore various ways to use Egburt to enhance their business operations and evaluate its capabilities as it relates to their operations. Information on the program can be found on the Egburt website at

I am very proud of our team as we continue on our mission to build a global product and service leader for the next generation of the Internet.

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