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Camgian Recognized as Top Global Tech Start-Up

Camgian Microsystems has been identified as a leading global tech start-up by ABI Research, a New York based market research firm focusing on global technology markets. The white paper, titled Hot Tech Innovators, features 113 of the most innovative and potentially disruptive companies operating in today’s global tech markets. ABI recognizes Hot Tech Innovators as “young and aggressive with technology solutions that fill a ‘needs-gap'” stating that the companies featured in the report “represent not only the most forceful potential disruptors for tech markets but also the hottest acquisition targets around.”

ABI highlights Camgian’s Egburt as one of the innovative new products in the growing Internet of Things market, which seamlessly combines edge and cloud computing to enable more flexible and robust solution architectures. The white paper recognizes Egburt’s value against cloud only solutions and its overall performance benefits related to the ease of configurability, latency and total cost of ownership. The full report features a summary of Egburt, why it is important to watch and their prediction for Egburt in 2015. You may access the entire white paper here.

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