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Camgian Recognized as Pioneer in Edge Analytics for the Internet of Things

Starkville, MS — April 16, 2015 — Camgian Microsystems was recently highlighted by New York based market research firm, ABI Research, as a pioneer in edge analytics in their most recent market report Edge Analytics in IoT.

The market report explores edge computing as an approach to analyze data close to its source instead of sending it to a remote server for cloud-level analysis. The report builds on ABI Research’s earlier work on Internet of Things (IoT) analytics, aiming to provide further insight and conceptual clarity on the role of the network edge in the IoT. It provides commentary on the related drivers and inhibitors of IoT, highlights market trends and observations, includes an overview of a number of technology vendors that are pioneering edge analytics with their products, services, and solutions.

ABI recognizes the emergence of edge computing as one of the most significant trends in the IoT market. Specifically, edge computing is highlighted as driving a paradigm shift from connected to intelligent devices allowing organization to deploy IoT technologies to enhance their physical assets and processes in novel ways. Camgian CEO Gary Butler detailed this paradigm shift in a blog post entitled Intelligent not Connected Things will Drive IoT in May of 2014 at the onset of the development of their new product, Egburt. Egburt, released in October of 2014, offers users a seamless, robust IoT experience where all crucial data and real-time, actionable analytics remain at the edge of the network with higher-level information processing, visualization and distribution performed in a secure, cloud environment. Its intelligent design has created new, more efficient ways to deliver both real-time operations intelligence to local personnel as well as powerful business intelligence to back-office administrators and executives.

You can learn more about the benefits of edge computing in the whitepaper released by ABI Research and Camgian entitled Evolution of the Internet of Things – From Connected to Intelligent Devices.

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