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Camgian Microsystems to Bring Edge Computing to IoT

STARKVILLE, Miss. — Camgian Microsystems Corporation announced today its intent to bring edge computing to the Internet of Things (IoT) market through a new category of device to be released this October. The device, called Egburt, will offer enterprises a fundamentally new way to implement IoT solutions where all crucial data and real-time, actionable analytics remain local with higher-level information processing, visualization, and distribution performed in a secure, cloud environment.

“Real-time, actionable information is going to be a crucial piece of IoT,” said Gary Butler, chairman and CEO of Camgian Microsystems. “Centralized computing architectures constructed using legacy IT products will not be able to support the timely analysis and reporting that will be required for IoT, especially as large numbers of devices continue to be added to the network. It is our opinion that addressing this issue requires a new distributed approach to enterprise computing powered by a completely new category of device for the IoT market.”

Egburt’s flexible sensor interfaces, real-time processing and low-power design will create more efficient and secure ways to monitor, optimize and control business processes across a range of related IoT markets including smart cities, agriculture, infrastructure, manufacturing, facilities management and retail. Egburt will be officially launched at the Internet of Things Global Summit in Washington D.C. October 27 – 28, 2014. To learn more about the philosophy behind Egburt, read the latest blog post by chairman and CEO of Camgian Microsystems, Intelligent Not Connected Things will Drive IoT.

About Camgian Microsystems

Named by Inc. Magazine as one of America’s fastest growing private companies, Camgian Microsystems builds advanced information systems powered from the network’s edge. The company specializes in engineering intelligent edge devices designed at the intersection of advanced sensing, real-time processing and low-power electronics. Networked with novel software applications, Camgian’s devices bridge vital information gaps between users in the commercial and government markets and their operations. To learn more about Camgian Microsystems, please visit or follow us on twitter @CamgianMicro.

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