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Camgian Headquarters is Now Egburt Enabled!

Last week the Camgian offices underwent a slight upgrade of both the aesthetic and technical kind. No, I am not referring to new pictures or computer upgrades, but the installation of Egburt to usher in the age of IoT at Camgian HQs (I can already sense improvements in operational efficiency and effectiveness!). Strategically installed near the kitchen in the engineering wing of our facility (a “high foot-traffic area” at Camgian HQs), the system is undergoing rigorous testing and evaluation to validate performance requirements and specifications prior to its pilot roll-out next week with our retail partner. For the retail application, the current system has been configured to monitor in-store foot-traffic, temperature, power consumption, luminosity, humidity and the status of refrigerated equipment.

Operationally speaking, data collected from each of these sensors are integrated and processed real-time by the Egburt device, which reports alerts and status information to our Ebgurt web server through a 3G network connection. I conducted a personal test run of the latest version of the Egburt user interface (UI) earlier this week and its functional simplicity was amazing. With the ability to easily navigate from a single dashboard view, the UI has been designed to provide users a very quick and efficient way to rapidly visualize current operational conditions across multiple store locations. Final functional testing of the system’s software is also underway and the remaining logistical items related to next week’s pilot installations are now being completed. I look forward to covering the pilot roll-out in my next blog entry.

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