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Camgian Expands South Carolina Office with Key New Hire

CHARLESTON, SC – MARCH 1, 2023 – Today Camgian, a leader in the development of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies in the national defense and industrial markets, announced the expansion of their South Carolina office in the Charleston Tech Center with a key new hire to their technical team. Dr. Ralph Crosby joins Camgian as a product technical lead. He brings over 30 years of experience and expertise in the design and development of artificial intelligence and machine learning applications and products for our customers in both government and commercial space. Most recently Dr. Crosby was a research scientist at NIWC Atlantic (Naval Information Warfare Center), working on machine learning applications in multiple problem domains including cybersecurity, signal processing, and tactical decision systems. Prior to entering government service, Ralph spent many years building software products at BMC Software as a product developer, project leader, product architect, software architect, and ultimately CTO. Dr. Crosby holds a PhD in computer science from Texas A&M University and is an adjunct professor in the Computer Science Department at the College of Charleston. “Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies are expanding our ability to improve efficiency, safety, and quality of life across a broad spectrum of human endeavors,” said Dr. Ralph Crosby, “I am excited to be working with the team at Camgian to help expand our use of these technologies in both the commercial and government sectors.” "Dr. Crosby’s extensive experience and skills in AI and machine learning will be a major benefit to Camgian,” said Dr. Gary Butler, Camgian CEO and founder, “We look forward to his technical contributions to the South Carolina defense and industrial communities.”


Camgian is an award-winning developer of digital technologies that deliver real-time, actionable intelligence. Through innovations in data science, AI, and software, Camgian technologists are pioneering the next generation of cognitive computing applications that address critical needs in the national security and industrial markets.

For more information on Camgian, please visit or @camgianai.

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