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Camgian Breaks Ground with Latest Fog Computing Deployment

Egburt™ industrial Internet of Things platform powering new intelligent infrastructure on the Ohio River.

STARKVILLE, MS – 18 October 2016 – Camgian announced today that it has completed the successful field deployment of a new intelligent infrastructure system powered by its award winning Egburt™ software platform. The Intelligent Decision Support or IDS system was developed under contract with the US Army Corps of Engineers to radically improve the performance and reliability of critical infrastructure. Camgian engineers completed the installation of IDS on the Markland lock and dam in May where it has been successfully operating since that time. Markland is a dam bridge and lock system near Warsaw, Kentucky that is 1395 feet long and a key part of the Ohio River navigation system.


IDS leverages Egburt’s groundbreaking fog computing technology to mine and disseminate critical operational intelligence from in-situ sensor devices. A key component of the Egburt architecture is the IQ Server software, which is provisioned to run on an embedded appliance that is deployed onsite in industrial environments and meshes with local area sensor networks. The IQ Server features advanced software that supports big data analytics capabilities at the network’s edge. These include high capacity data ingestion, multi-sensor processing, large scale data storage and efficient, bi-directional communications with Egburt’s Insight™ software.


Insight is Egburt’s cloud hosted data acquisition and IQ Server control application. Insight is a multi-tenant software platform that aggregates information from the field deployed IQ Servers for alerting, post-event visualization and data analysis. Flexible and user-friendly dashboard and data exploration tools provide a complete enterprise view of industrial operations.

Combined, Egburt’s integrated edge and cloud software technologies enable an automated IDS system that operates with low-latency, reduced communications bandwidth and limited manpower. These innovative features of IDS overcome the big data management and processing limitations that exist with traditional IoT architectures, which now pave the way for highly scalable and cost effective intelligent infrastructure systems.

“We are re-inventing the IoT platform to drive new levels of performance and scalability that have been previously unachievable,” said Camgian CEO Gary Butler, “Our recent deployment on the Ohio River is a real-world example of how fog computing is happening in practice.”

Camgian is currently building on its recent success with IDS by aggressively expanding Egburt’s core functionality and applications. New features under development include machine learning technologies to improve edge processing automation and end-user situational understanding. New application areas include condition based maintenance of large industrial systems and expanded intelligent infrastructure deployments.


Camgian is an award winning developer of advanced sensing and information processing platforms that deliver real-time, actionable intelligence. Leveraging innovations in the areas of multi-sensor signal processing, data analytics and information fusion, Camgian is pioneering a new generation of intelligent decision support products that address key needs in the industrial, defense and national security markets.

Camgian has been named by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest growing private companies in the US, Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the most entrepreneurial companies in America and Compass Intelligence as one of the world’s top companies in IoT innovation and execution. Moreover, ABI Research featured Camgian in their 2015 Hot Tech Innovators report, which identified the company as one of the world’s top tech start-ups for their pioneering work in IoT and edge computing. In their 2016 market report Fog Computing in IoT, Machina Research identified Camgian as one of the innovative IoT startups and notable companies pioneering fog computing.

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