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Camgian Awarded $17M in New DoD Contracts

STARKVILLE, MS – FEBRUARY 6, 2023 Camgian today announced the US Army awarded new contracts totaling $17M to the company for the development of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) enabled systems for significantly enhancing situational awareness capabilities of the warfighter. Specifically, the programs will continue Camgian’s work to digitally transform today’s battlefield and provide the Army with highly automated capabilities to perceive the battlespace; rapidly reason on large amounts of heterogeneous data and respond decisively to threats.

“We are excited for this opportunity to work with the Army to advance their capabilities and to provide the best tools and information possible in support of the Army’s key missions,” says Derrick Savage, Camgian’s Chief Operating Officer. 

“Through these new programs, we will continue to expand the Army’s capabilities to think and act faster than our adversaries,” says Dr. Gary Butler, Camgian CEO and Founder. “We are honored to serve our warfighters and provide them with the tools that they need to be successful in the current and future fight.”


Camgian is an award-winning developer of digital technologies that deliver real-time, actionable intelligence. Through innovations in data science, AI, and software, Camgian technologists are pioneering the next generation of cognitive computing applications that address critical needs in the national security and industrial markets. For more information on Camgian, please visit or @camgianai.

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