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Camgian Awarded $10M in New Air & Missile Defense Contracts

STARKVILLE, MS – APRIL 5, 2023 – Today, Camgian announced $10M in new contract awards to develop kill chain automation capabilities that support air and missile defense operations. Specifically, the program will leverage AI technologies to enable advanced capabilities for robustly detecting and defeating a range of threats in highly contested air domains. This includes the development of machine learning algorithms and software systems deployed within a distributed computing architecture that rapidly fuse and process large volumes of heterogeneous sensor data for deriving real-time threat assessments, targeting information, and course of action recommendations.

The programs will be supported by Camgian’s new location at the Fires Innovation Science Technology Accelerator (FISTA) in Lawton, Oklahoma. “As the original tenant at the FISTA, we are excited to support work of this importance and technological significance in the Lawton-Ft. Sill community”, says David James, Director of Oklahoma Operations and Product Manager at Camgian. “The technologies being developed by our team at Camgian on these programs have the potential to be highly impactful in today’s emerging air threat environment and future conflicts.”

“Today’s air domain threats are unlike any we have seen in history,” says Dr. Gary Butler, Camgian CEO and Founder. “Our objective is to leverage the power of advanced AI technologies to enable a next generation of intelligent defensive systems that support large-scale combat operations and can achieve new levels of speed, automation, and effectiveness in today’s high-intensity air threat environment. Automation of the kill chain can transform our military capabilities and we intend to be a technological leader for the DoD in this area.”

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Camgian is an award-winning developer of digital technologies that deliver real-time, actionable intelligence. Through innovations in data science, AI, and software, Camgian technologists are pioneering the next generation of cognitive computing applications that address critical needs in the national security and industrial markets.

For more information on Camgian, please visit or @camgianai.

Approved for Public Release

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