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Camgian Incorporates Historical Production 
Data to Maximize Available Capacity

Order and Scheduling to Optimize Production, Profitability, 
and On-Time Delivery for Global Steel Manufacturer


  • Production efficiency: Optimize hot mills utilization within available capacity

  • Capacity utilization: Planned in hours, but quantified by tons, neglecting profitability and current schedule

  • Available capacity: Optimize open mill capacity with customer orders prioritizing both production and profitability

  • Delivery commitment accuracy: Guarantee delivery dates by accurately assessing available capacity in real-time

  • Data-driven decisions: Replace manual, time-consuming scheduling with a system that considers production rules, equipment set-up, and order specifics for optimal profit and production alignment


  • Application needs to integrate with existing order book, software, and SQL database

  • Maximize current month unbooked production time

  • Develop algorithm to calculate historical orders that converts order production from tons into time
    to produce

  • Tool to analyze a new order’s effect on current planned production to available capacity
    Advanced orderbook and production schedule awareness out 3 months


  • Visualization dashboard: Track past and projected production (tons and time) vs. capacity, providing clear capacity understanding

  • Predictive scheduling: Estimate production time for new orders based on historical data of similar jobs

  • Real-time "what-if" analysis: Sales team can evaluate new orders' impact on production, profitability, and delivery

  • Data-driven decision making: Optimizes order selection for maximized production, profitability, and on-time delivery

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