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Chief Technology Officer

Danny Merchant is a 10-year veteran of Camgian and currently serves as Camgian’s Chief Technology Officer. While at Camgian, Danny has led over $30M in research and development programs including Prowl, a low-power radar used by the U.S. military for force protection, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance. As CTO, Danny develops Camgian’s technical product strategy while simultaneously ensuring a competitive advantage that is aligned with the company’s overall business objectives. For the alternative data market, Danny leads the approaches for using computer vision, deep neural networks, machine learning, signal processing, and data science to provide unique, high-value data sets to its customers.

Prior to joining Camgian, Danny served 20 years at Cypress Semiconductor as the Senior Director of CAD where he was responsible for the electronic design automation software and design methodology used to design all Cypress products. Danny managed geographically dispersed teams of more than 40 people, managed profit and loss centers, and had extensive experience negotiating multi-million-dollar software contracts.

Danny has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Mississippi State University. Danny has been a member of the Mississippi State Electrical and Computer Engineering advisory board for more than 15 years.

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