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Stop Reacting, Start Planning

Cognition enables fleet managers and maintenance supervisors to make data-driven decisions by prioritizing asset maintenance according to potential downtime risks. 

The Information You Need, When You Need It

Cognition provides users with the pertinent information they need, allowing them to quickly make strategic decisions based on details provided to them in a simplified view. The single screen focuses on a prioritized list of assets, fault code details, history, and company/location metrics.

​Detailed fault code information enhances user efficiency. By reviewing all fault codes together, users can swiftly pinpoint the root cause of issues and anticipate maintenance needs. This aids in maintenance planning, facilitating efficient scheduling, and ensuring the availability of necessary parts for service.

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Success Stories

Camgian Harnesses Telemetry Data to Reduce 
Maintenance Risks and Potential Downtime

Maintenance Prioritization and Risk Mitigation: 
A Customer-Centric Approach for a Global Heavy Lift OEM

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